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'I joined Huw’s zoom at noon sessions during the first lockdown and thoroughly enjoyed them. The sessions were informative, educational and fun, showing a new way to gain strength and fitness as well as increase mobility and flexibility. Loads of innovative exercise regimes all backed up with Huw’s great knowledge of physiology. 15 minutes of hard work and humour! Best exercise sessions ever! Thanks Huw!'


'Huw managed to get me race fit for my first 50km. He had his work cut out - we had less than 12 weeks and I had a week in Turkey in that time.

My schedule was great - fitted in around my work pattern and was really enjoyable. The taper was perfect and I achieved a time I never thought possible.

I would recommend Huw to anyone who has a goal they want to train for. You won’t regret it.'


'Huw's knowledge of physiology is demonstrated in impactful exercise sequences which have not only made me stronger but improved my proficiency in other forms of exercise including my pilates technique. And his playful manner creates a fun environment in which to exercise!'

'Huw is an excellent coach. I am (or was!) a serial exercise programme starter with years of lapsed gym memberships, this-time-I’ll-stick-to-it running routines, and everything else, behind me. This is why my experience with Huw is unique - I started doing a weekly  kettlebell training session with him on a whim and 3 years later I’m still doing it, which is unprecedented. Why? Because he is a really, really good coach. Each time he magically knows exactly how hard to push you (harder than you’d push yourself but not so hard that you give up), and even just doing it once a week I actually see tangible results. I never thought I’d have visible triceps but there they are! He also gives great nutrition advice. In short: Huw is fantastic and you should immediately book a session with him! '

'At 71 years of age I had reluctantly accepted the slow physical decline that goes along with ageing.Then the opportunity to join Huw’s physical fitness classes arose via zoom.
Initially sceptical, I decided to give it a go and join the class. After being shown the exercises and expertly supervised doing them all I can say it made a great difference. Creaky joints and back aches disappeared.
Therefore I am happy to recommend these classes, and thank you Huw'.

'My husband and I both trained with Huw and really valued our time with him. We were working with slight injuries or tight muscles but wanted to get back into shape during the lockdown. Huw introduced us to various new and effective exercises that we could do anywhere. And he was great at explaining how each exercise worked on different muscles. Huw is very patient and attentive and puts a lot of effort into customising exercise programmes to specific clients' needs. You can tell he really loves his job!'

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